How to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Top 5 Reasons Why Police Give Tickets
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How to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

Getting pulled over by the police is not fun. But it happens to most of us at some point in our lives. When it happens to you, you'll have two options: pay a steep fine or try to fight it in court.  

But why go through the cost and hassle of either option? By following road laws more carefully, you can avoid getting a ticket – or worse: getting into an accident.

Here are the most common reasons why police might pull you over:

1) Speeding

Yep, those Speed Limit signs are there for a reason. When you drive faster than the posted limits, you increase the risk of endangering yourself or others. This is why police give so many speeding tickets – to warn drivers to slow down and prevent them from doing it again.

2) Swerving or reckless driving

Police are constantly on the lookout for unusual behavior while driving, such as unexpected swerving or driving over the lines. This is usually the sign of a distracted or intoxicated driver – an issue that police take very seriously. If you're not driving in a safe manner, expect to be pulled over.

Failure to stop

3) Failure to stop

Running through red lights and stop signs is a surefire way to get pulled over by the police. Also, it's one of the most common reasons for car accidents and pedestrians being hit. Watch the road carefully. When there's a stoplight or stop sign, slow down and come to a complete stop.

4) Vehicle is malfunctioning or unsafe to drive

A burnt-out headlight, a broken mirror, a turn signal that's not working – these are all reasons why police might pull you over. Before you get into a vehicle, you must be sure that it is working properly and safe to drive.

5) Talking on cell phone

Many states now have strict laws about using mobile phones while driving. According to some studies, texting and driving is even more dangerous than drinking and driving. This is why police are eager to pull these drivers over: by doing so, they are actually saving lives.

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