Top 5 Things to Have in Your Car This Christmas

Here are basic tips that will help you stay safe in case of an emergency.
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Top 5 Things to Have in Your Car This Christmas
Christmas is the best time to visit your friends and relatives. Moreover, it is often celebrated outdoors. Therefore, many of us spend a lot of time driving during the holiday season. Unfortunately, winter weather may create certain issues even for experienced drivers.
Drivers should be extremely cautious, as winter conditions; snow, rain, or ice; can pose a real problem. In case of an emergency, we recommend you to have certain things in your car that will help you get through the unexpected situation safe and avoid hypothermia, a major winter danger! We have prepared a list of the five most essential things to carry in your car this Christmas:


If you happen to get stuck in snow or if you can't start your car, you should immediately call a tow truck or other emergency services. While you are waiting for help, extreme cold may affect your body dramatically. So, first and foremost, you should try to prevent hypothermia. Covering yourself with a blanket will help you stay safe and warm!

Ice-scraper with a snow brush

It is very important to keep your windshield clean; Driving with ice on the windshield is very dangerous and unsafe. Ice-scrapers with a snow brush prove to be very helpful during wintertime.

Jumper cables

If your car doesn't start in cold winter weather, you will have to jump-start your car. For this purpose, you will need a set of jumper cables and a volunteer with a running car.

Bag of sand

If your car needs help on a slippery or icy road, use sand or salt to improve traction.


In case of an emergency, nothing will help rescuers to find you better than a flare. Flares can save your life in case of a life-threatening situation.
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